Saturday, April 20, 2013


We are blessed.


  1. I have continued to follow your blog as you have brought Simeon home...what an amazing journey! We are the Australian Family who posted a few weeks back, in the process of adopting. We have now been to Taiwan for our court hearing, and we are anxiously waiting our First Decree (which the agency says should be 1-2 weeks after court...meaning any time!) We met our precious little boy and cared for him for 5 days. It has been heart wrenching to say goodbye and return to Australia...but this is what our process requires us to do. Our agency hopes to have us returning in 6 weeks to pick him up, all going well.

    No one can prepare you for the emotions involved in adoption, can they! Bless your newly expanded family...and please pray for us that we will hear our first decree in the next days....and peace in the meantime.

    God Bless

    1. Thanks for the update, FamilyinWaiting. We will definitely be praying! Our first decree took SO long, so we vividly remember that part and will pray that yours will come much sooner and you will be able to bring your little boy home soon.